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Returns & Exchanges

Hello dear customers. Please review seller's page for 'Returns and Exchanges' policies. 'Returns and Exchanges' details may also be in the Full Description and Shipping Info sections of the 'Product details'. Please take time to understand seller's policies before buying any product/item. When you are in doubt of have any questions, please use the 'Contact Seller' feature to communicate with the seller. is not responsible for shipping cost, loss or damage during transactions involving item returns


Sellers are here on this platform to meet your needs and keep you as satisfied customers. We believe our sellers will do the best to make you happy.

  • If you have any questions about your order, please contact the seller directly using 'Ask the Seller' messaging system.
  • Please limit your conversation to the messaging platform (Ask the Seller) we have provided for you to interact with buyers. Keep in mind there is no way for us to track any interaction and/or agreements you make outside of Ayekoto's platform with ANY seller.
  • You may ask your sellers questions such as, what courier do you ship with? Will you give me a tracking number to track my order? Do you have this in item in "fuchsia pink"?, etc.

Issue Resolution - not happy with your item?

  • Ensure you read 'Seller's policy and item/product description before purchasing your item
  • Contact the Seller using our 'Ask Seller' messaging system. Keep all conversation in this system. Very important
  • Try to work out any issues/disputes before rating product or leaving negative feedback for your seller. We do encourage Reviews and Ratings
  • You, the buyer deserve to be happy with your order. The seller also needs your 100% satisfaction to be a happy seller. We really haven't met anyone who doesn't like to be happy - trust us;)