Become a Seller on Ayekoto


Complete the following steps and understand our policies as listed below. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions. Quality is important to Ayekoto and our buyers - yes we are picky.  

  • On Homepage, click 'Signup', then Buyer 'Sign Up'
    • Sign Up and complete the seller application form - our team will review your application and notify you of our decision (via email used to apply) within a few hours. Keep in mind we may request additional information if necessary.
  • List your items and start selling
  • Ensure to let buyers know what your policies are
    • Sellers policies will entail shipping details, return or exchange policy, etc. Put these details in the policy details box provided in your 'Seller Application'.
    • Please ensure important details are also placed in the 'Product description' box to help your potential buyers make buying decision and to also help avoid seller/buyer disputes or returns.
  • Choose a shipping package that offers 'Tracking Code', and provide this to your buyers via our messaging system. This will give your buyers confidence, minimize disputes and improve buyer satisfaction.
  • Make and keep your buyers happy by providing buyers useful information about their orders. Satisfied customers will always return and/or refer friends and families to you. Try it!!!
    • Use our 'simple-to-use' messaging system (Ask the Seller) to communicate with your buyers.
  • Be straight forward with them and set the correct expectations
    • You became a seller because you know your buyers need the service you offer or items you sell, right? Right. Treat your buyers like right.