About Us

Ayekoto (Ah-YAY-koh-toh) was founded in 2012 as the result of a pertinent identified need to provide a space for networking, sharing, and browsing geared towards greater communities worldwide. This free multinational internet-based platform provides a community where African tradition meets trend, and as a community we can be in touch with our culture and roots. On this site, fashion and Africa go hand and hand; we have created a platform to buy and sell products that are not as easy to get in the U.S and globally as it was back in Africa. Things such as "dashikis" to "Ankaras", beads and headscarves, etc. for both genders will be accessible through Ayekoto.com

The Internet and Africa
Welcome to the new wave; Africa's vibrant heritage is finally spreading!

Now back to the facts, Africa is the next frontier for the expansion of internet based platforms. The number of internet users in Africa has increased from 134 million to 340 million between 2010 and 2016. This 162% increase was higher than any other world region during the same time period. Over the next few years, three billion new people will join the 3.2 billion internet users worldwide. More than one billion of these new users are expected to be in Africa. In the future, Ayekoto plans to take advantage of this exciting mutually beneficial development to expand its unique services into the African continent in an effort to provide a much needed linkage between African culture and rest of the world.

Follow us on this exciting journey.